Local hospital with anti-abortion policy wins decision in lawsuit

DETROIT (AP) - A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against a Roman Catholic hospital group, which was challenged over its anti-abortion policy.

Detroit federal Judge Gershwin Drain says the American Civil Liberties Union and its members have no standing to sue Trinity Health Corp. In a 13-page decision Monday, he said the ACLU failed to explain what medical conditions would place their members at risk or if they are currently at risk.

The judge says any harm is "speculative."

Trinity is based in suburban Detroit. The ACLU says women who develop complications are being discriminated against because Trinity won't terminate pregnancies.

The ACLU is considering its next step. Kevin Theriot says no one should be forced to perform abortions. He's an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing medical groups that support Trinity.

Published: Wed, Apr 13, 2016