Two-thirds graduate from state universities within six years

LANSING (AP) - Nearly two-thirds of students who enroll in Michigan universities earn a degree within six years, according to a state report.

Just 36 percent graduate within four years.

The success rate for students at community colleges is lower. About 35 percent earn a two-year degree or a transfer to a four-year institution within six years of enrollment.

The figures were reported for the first time last week using what officials say is a new and improved methodology. It reflects both part- and full-time enrollment and adjusts for students transferring between colleges.

Officials say the data will keep schools accountable and help the institutions better serve students.

Michigan's Center for Educational Performance and Information began collecting student-level data in 2009-10, so this is the first cohort with six years of available data.

Published: Mon, Jul 18, 2016