State awarded assistance to improve disability employment opportunities

Michigan has been chosen to receive federal assistance and training to help implement its Employment First strategy, working to improve competitive integrated employment opportunities for Michiganders with disabilities.

The assistance comes from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy as part of its Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program. Michigan received two designations from ODEP, providing the state with 300 hours of onsite and virtual assistance to further its efforts to increase competitive employment outcomes for Michiganders with disabilities.

"Advancing our efforts to implement Employment First in Michigan will help connect Michiganders with disabilities with more employment opportunities so they can live more self-determined independent lives," Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said. "This assistance will improve coordination and collaboration on this effort to help all people reach their full potential."

In 2015, Calley signed an executive order that created Employment First in Michigan, aimed to improve access to employment for people with disabilities. He serves as the sponsor for the state's effort, with support from an active group of stakeholders consisting of state partners and external advocates, working to provide greater competitive integrated employment opportunities in Michigan.

Michigan has previously received federal assistance to support community rehabilitation organizations in efforts to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Published: Wed, Nov 15, 2017