Patrick Henry event honors patriots


Patriot Week hosted its Fifth Annual Patrick Henry Event on Thursday, March 22, at the San Marino Club in Troy. Taking part in the anniversary celebration of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” speech were (front row, left to right) Oakland County Circuit Court Judges Michael Warren and Hala Jarbou; Wally Jadan, president & CEO of MEA TV & Radio; Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson; State Sen. Marty Knollenberg; and Stephen Knollenberg; along with (back row, left to right) Jim Redford; Leah Warren, who presented the speech as Patrick Henry; and Fred Morsell, nationally recognized actor and historian, who delivered the keynote address as Frederick Douglass. “Patriot Week renews the spirit of America by celebrating our founding First Principles, key documents and speeches, founding fathers and other great patriots, and flags from our history,” remarked Judge Warren, co-founder of Patriot Week with his, then 10-year-old, daughter, Leah. “To maintain our liberties, we need to recognize not only the contributions of individuals like Patrick Henry and Frederick Douglass, but also applaud the contributions of modern day patriots like Captain/Director/Judge Jim Redford, Middle Eastern American TV & Radio, and the late Congressman Joe Knollenberg.”

– Photo by John Meiu