Convict charged with murder of woman missing since 2016

Praising the outstanding work of the Farmington Hills Police Department, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed a charge of first degree pre-meditated murder against Floyd Galloway Jr. for the murder of Danielle Stislicki. Stislicki, 28, disappeared from the parking lot of her Southfield employer on the night of December 2, 2016 and has never been found.

“This young woman had everything to live for,” said Nessel. “Her disappearance more than two years ago has left a hole in her family and they deserve justice.  The Farmington Hills Police Department has gone to extraordinary lengths to uncover every piece of evidence available.  That evidence is compelling.”

Initially referred to as a “person of interest” by reporters, Galloway has long been suspected of luring Danielle Stislicki to his house and then killing her.  He was arrested, tried and convicted of Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Assault – 1st Degree, Kidnapping, and Assault to Committee Great Bodily Harm by Strangulation in an attack on a female jogger in Hines Park committed in September 2016. He is currently serving 16-30 years in the state’s Marquette West Branch Prison after taking a plea in that case.

As the lead law enforcement agency in the case following Stislicki’s reported disappearance from her Farmington Hills apartment, the Farmington Hills Police Department worked with multiple local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to gather evidence and establish a timeline of events.  At her request, Detectives Molloy and Gerak met with Nessel in January and laid out the case. Despite the lack of a body, Nessel welcomed the opportunity to prosecute the case.

“I was familiar with Danielle’s case and wanted to know what evidence existed, what the status of the investigation was, and what I could do to help,” said Nessel.  “That’s why I reached out to the Farmington Hills Police Department and asked them to present the evidence compiled on the case. They did an outstanding job on a very challenging investigation.”

Those challenges included “ ... a murder without the victim’s body, no known witnesses to the murder, the killer’s attempt to conceal the crime, and the unusual number of jurisdictions where parts of the crime occurred,” said Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus. “Farmington Hills Police were assisted by a dedicated team of 28 different local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The lead detectives, with assistance from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, deserve special recognition for initiating, coordinating and authoring 77 search warrants, many which revealed important evidence, including Galloway’s link to the Hines Park attack.

“The Stislicki family were also part of our team and we thank them for giving us their unwavering confidence and support,” said Nebus. “I pray for their continued strength as they work with Attorney General Nessel and her staff as the rigors of the judicial process begins.”

Charges were filed against Galloway Monday and he was to be arraigned Wednesday in 47th District Court in Farmington Hills.

“We are very grateful that the Attorney General’s office is taking charge of Danielle’s case,” said the Stislicki family. “Moving forward with the evidence that has been gathered, we feel our daughter Danielle Ann Stislicki will receive the justice she deserves.”

Nessel has appointed Jaimie Powell Horowitz as a special assistant attorney general specifically to prosecute this case.  Powell Horowitz is a special prosecutor for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy and Nessel expressed her appreciation to Worthy for giving the AG the opportunity to utilize one or her most seasoned prosecutors. Powell Horowitz has routinely been assigned to high profile cases involving homicides and sexual assault and has obtained convictions in more than 100 felony cases, including 28 murder convictions with no reversals on appeal.

“Mr. and Mrs. Stislicki, we are committed to prosecuting your daughter’s killer,” said Nessel.  “We vow to do everything within our power to ensure justice is served.”