Prosecutor says paternity scheme involved dead rats, cow tongue

MOUNT CLEMENS (AP) - Authorities say a man took extraordinary steps to avoid responsibility for a child, even paying $500 to another man to assume his identity and take a paternity test.

The Macomb County prosecutor filed charges against Ken May. He's accused of paying another man to get a driver's license in May's name and take a DNA test.

Investigators say it worked - until the child's mother watched surveillance video and told police that the man who took the test wasn't May. May is also accused of putting dead rats and a cow's tongue outside the mother's door after she helped unravel the scheme.

Prosecutor Eric Smith calls the case "egregious."

May is charged with tampering with evidence, intimidating a witness and other crimes. It's not known if he has a lawyer yet who could respond to the allegations.

Published: Tue, Mar 26, 2019