Levin Center co-hosts discussion on January 6 Committee

The Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy and Georgetown Law Center for Congressional Studies are partnering to present a live panel discussing “How the January 6 Committee Broke the Mold: What it Means for Future Oversight.”  The program will take place Monday, January 30, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C. but will be available for viewing live online.

The panelists will include:

• Kristin Amerling, deputy staff director and chief counsel of the January 6 Committee

• Reginald Brown, Kirkland & Ellis partner who represented witnesses before the January 6 Committee

• Lisa Desjardins, PBS NewsHour correspondent who covered the January 6 Committee hearings

• Professor David Rapallo, Georgetown University Law Center, and former longtime congressional investigator

Hosting the discussion will be:

• Victoria Nourse, Ralph V. Whitworth Professor in Law, Georgetown University Law Center, who will present opening remarks

• Jim Townsend, director, Carl Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy and adjunct professor of law, Wayne State University Law School, who will moderate the program.

To register to view the program online, visit https://levin-center.org.