ABA and vLex join to offer ABA antitrust content on the vLex platform

The American Bar Association and vLex on Wednesday announced that they have partnered to offer access to more than 60 titles from the ABA’s Antitrust Law Section on the vLex AI-powered research platform.

This extensive collection of competition and consumer protection content, covering essential areas such as monopolization, intellectual property, consumer protection, mergers and acquisitions and more, is published by the ABA’s Antitrust Law Section (www.americanbar.org/groups/antitrust_law), the world’s leading antitrust and consumer protection professional membership group. It is designed to be a special cost-effective reference and research tool for Antitrust Law Section members.

The collection will be integrated and powered by vLex’s Natural Language Processing contextual search tools, driven by the award-winning legal research assistant, Vincent, which provides a uniquely intuitive and accurate search. Vincent can search across the entire body of ABA Antitrust expert coverage and analysis to deliver related and relevant results, uncovering insights and answers in a matter of seconds, while also ensuring no important arguments or documents are missed.

The collection will be enriched by extensive hyperlinks to relevant case law on vLex. This will allow users to seamlessly navigate between primary and secondary law, on a single intelligent platform, in both desktop and mobile format. Metadata constructed with expert insight from the ABA Antitrust Law Section will enhance text discoverability and research results.

“The new vLex subscription product is one more way that the Antitrust Law Section of the American Bar Association is innovating to bring value to our members and non-members alike,” said Thomas F. Zych Sr., chair of the ABA Antitrust Law Section. “This exciting new partnership with vLex will make over 60 of the section’s sought-after titles available in an easy-to-use, accessible-on-the-go format and at favorable pricing, making it possible for more readers to access these valuable materials.”

“We are delighted to host this exciting material from one of the world’s most established and authoritative publishers,” said Lluis Faus, CEO of vLex. “Working in close collaboration with the American Bar Association is another key step in vLex’s vision to make legal information more accessible in the United States and beyond.”

Both ABA members and non-members can access this new collection on vLex, with special pricing agreements in place for members.