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Top 3 video doorbell benefits and one potential fail

By Tracy Wick

Video doorbells are increasingly popular because they provide an easy way to monitor your porch and protect your home against property theft, home invasion, package pirates, and even unwanted solicitors. Typically mounted at the front door, these devices use Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone allowing you to identify who is at your doorstep before opening the door, see and speak with the person outside, and even record footage of the visitors that approach your door while you’re away or unable to answer.

A video doorbell is a good first line of defense that can enhance the level of security at any home and it can be easily integrated whether you have a security system or not. This tiny tech addition can keep you abreast of activity while you are away at the office, an outing or even on vacation. What are you getting yourself into when you install a video doorbell? Here are the top three benefits and one cautionary note that will allow you to make the most of your video doorbell:

Benefit #1: We’ve all seen videos catching thieves in the act of stealing packages from the front porch, and this is useful since our Amazon habit is quickly replacing in-person shopping. This means we will continue to receive delivery packages on our front porches for years to come.

Benefit #2: My favorite feature of the video doorbell is the ability to converse with a visitor through my smartphone. This comes in handy when a solicitor rings the doorbell and I’m knee deep rearranging my rec room furniture. But what if it is my next-door neighbor in need of an egg or some sugar? Obviously, our response to our doorbell will be determined by who is knocking and this enables us to be better neighbors.

Benefit #3: Another great benefit of a video doorbell is the ability to greet and converse with the people who help us every day like babysitters, pet sitters, house­keepers and repairmen. Instead of texting, have a quick conversation at the front door, and stay abreast of comings and goings through the video doorbell app. 

Caution: If you decide to install a video doorbell, there are many benefits, but privacy concerns as well. Video doorbells use motion sensors that activate the camera and transmit footage before the doorbell is rung. The process is automatic and the viewing radius extends beyond your front porch, so you could capture video of your neighbors on your sidewalk or on their property.

If you decide to install a video doorbell, or if you already own one, remember to be neighborly and test or adjust the viewing radius of your video doorbell to preserve your neighbors’ privacy.
Tracy Wick, MUP, SRES is a Novi-based Michigan Seniors Real Estate Specialist with over 25 years of experience as a real estate consultant and client advocate.
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