Top 3 home trends for 2020


A few days ago, we left 2019 behind and stepped into a new year. What home trends await us in 2020? To find out, I reviewed research reports from companies such as Buffer, Upwork, and Pinterest and combined this data with my direct experience showing and selling existing and new homes in Metro Detroit. Because my real estate practice allows me direct access to a wide variety of homes and personal relationships with buyers and sellers, I hear what home buyers really want and I see what savvy home builders and homeowners are doing to give them the lifestyle and home they desire. My top three home trends for 2020 are related to working, mindfulness and entertaining, which is a welcomed and well-balanced way to kick off the new year.


Working from home

According to the Future Workforce Report from Upwork, nearly two-thirds or 63% of companies have full-time employees who work outside the office. In the past, working from home required a dedicated home office, but laptops, WIFI and modern technology can convert a kitchen island or a laptop into a robust workspace. A recent report by Buffer outlined the benefits for workers: Comfort, flexible schedule, higher productivity and no commute. Working from home is the opposite of working from Starbucks. At home, workers have privacy and quiet, which leads to increased focus. But, working at home does not mean working alone. Collaboration is key and Zoom video meetings are very popular. This means working in pajamas is no longer an option. In fact, Pinterest identified heavy searches for “Work from home outfit.” Luckily, with Amazon, we no longer need to leave our homes to go clothes shopping.



Some of the most popular yoga classes are less about moving and more about mindfulness. In addition to “Just Do It,” we have a new mantra: “Just Breathe.” Plus, journaling with pen and paper has made a comeback. Pinterest experienced elevated global search volumes for journaling and for creating special spaces at home for peace and introspection. Perhaps my favorite home trend related to mindfulness is a nostalgic one: Listening to LP records and music (Pinterest search volume is up 803%). In the past month, I added a new turntable to my audio system and set up a dedicated audio room in my home and it brings me such joy. Here are the top four trends related to mindfulness:

• Self-discovery journal prompts: Get-to-know-yourself prompts to help kick start a regular journaling routine. (Self discovery journal prompts, +147%)

• Garden room: Nurture yourself with nature in your very own secret garden. (Garden room, +104%)

• Indoor water fountains: Soothe yourself with the gentle burblings of your own indoor pond, fountain or waterfall. (Indoor water fountains, +917%)

• Audio rooms: Listen up: The ultimate surround-sound listening experience is calling your name. (Audio room +803%)


Entertaining at Home

Home is the best place to host friends and family. Looking back to our childhoods, home is where memories are made, and I predict we will be doing more of it in 2020. Bon Appetit suggests that hosts prepare ahead and get out of the kitchen so we can enjoy the party; opt for self-service; and double dip the desserts! I will definitely incorporate their tips into my dinner parties.

Perhaps you will be serving salad made from home grown microgreen, coffee from your very own espresso machine, and beer that you crafted at home. Pinterest predicts all of these things and one more—that you will watch movies in your own home theater.

• Coffee stations: Clear out some space on your counter for your very own high-end altar to caffeine. (Home coffee stations, +751%)

• Indoor microgreens: Grow your own herbs and salad fixings, all year round, all right in your kitchen. (Microgreens growing indoor, +223%)

• Homebrewing: All you need is the right beer gear and you’re ready to start crafting your own cold ones. (Brewing equipment, +411%)

• Home theaters: Popcorn? Check. Drinks? Check. Multi-tiered recliner bleacher seating for ten? Check! (Home theater design, +368%)

From my home to yours, wishing you a happy new year. If you are curious about other cultural shifts and predictions for 2020, you can view Pinterest’s gorgeous report and photos at


Tracy Wick, SRES, MUP is a seniors real estate specialist in Michigan with more than 25 years of experience as a real estate consultant and client advocate. Wick is an associate broker with Keller Williams and she can help guide you through your new home search ensuring that your most important transition is the right one for you. Find more articles on home buying, selling, elder transition and estate settlement at or contact her directly at 248-912-7407 or