Patterson issues warning against 'Lollipipes'


 Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson demanded last week that retailers who carry “Lollipipes,” also known as candy crack pipes, remove them from their shelves. In addition, Patterson wants members of the public who spot “Lollipipes” on a store’s shelves to notify the Oakland County Health Division, which will then educate the store owner about the dangers of desensitizing children to the risks of drug use. 

“‘Lollipipes’ are a potential gateway to child and teen drug use. They send the horrible message that drugs are like candy,” said Patterson. “As a former prosecutor, I have seen the destructive toll of drugs on children and families. Oakland County has zero tolerance for targeting children inappropriately.”
Patterson issued his warning against “Lollipipes” after local media reported candy crack pipes were being sold at a Brownstown Township gas station. That story resulted in the gas station removing the questionable item from its shelves. To date, there are no reports of “Lollipipes” being sold in Oakland County.
“Lollipipes” are legal, but become illegal if they are used to smoke drugs. They are more likely to be used to smoke marijuana than crack cocaine. The pipes contain a plastic toke tube, an airtight pouch, and a cigar band for nonstick handling. They will not melt when being used for smoking illegal substances and may be reused.
“Lollipipes” come in strawberry, green apple, watermelon, peach, blueberry, blue raspberry, grape, and cherry flavors. They cost $5.99 each.
Patterson encouraged parents to stay vigilant by keeping a close eye on the items their kids purchase or have in their possession. He also challenged local community coalitions, who have progressively led campaigns to educate residents on the dangers of drugs and reducing access to drug-related products and paraphernalia, to assist the Health Division in monitoring the community for these products.
“‘Lollipipes’ hearken back to the days when you would see candy cigarettes on store shelves which desensitized children to the dangers of smoking,” said Patterson. “My goal is to improve the quality of life in Oakland County by residents living a healthier lifestyle. Ensuring that ‘Lollipipes’ are not on Oakland County store shelves is part of that plan.”
To notify the Oakland County Health Division of a store carrying “Lollipipes,” call Melanie Stone at 248-858-8745.