State asks court to stop 'intrusion' on juvenile lifer cases

DETROIT (AP) - The state of Michigan is asking a higher court to stop a federal judge from interfering in the resentencing of so-called juvenile lifers.

The attorney general's office is accusing Judge John Corbett O'Meara of a "deep, unwarranted intrusion" on the rights of prosecutors. The state wants a federal appeals court to suspend or throw out a restraining order that halts the resentencing process.

Prosecutors across the state plan to disclose by July 22 whether to seek no-parole sentences again for 360 prisoners known as juvenile lifers who were convicted of murder as teenagers. It's the result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision about the treatment of teens in the justice system.

But O'Meara stopped the process last week. He's ordered parole hearings instead, but that remedy is in dispute.

Published: Thu, Jul 14, 2016