ABA book helps law firms create a strategy for online ­publishing

To maximize the effectiveness of an online publishing strategy, a law firm needs a focused, strategic framework. A new book published by the American Bar Association aims to do just that. “Creating an Online Publishing Strategy for Law Firms,” provides lawyers with all they need to know about turning their firm’s content marketing (e.g. writing, newsletter, and blogging) into a coherent, effective and strategic online publishing campaign.

Co-authors Steve Matthews and Jordan Furlong have written “Creating an Online Publishing Strategy for Law Firms” as a step-by-step guide offering advice and ideas for building and maintaining an effective online publishing strategy that can communicate a lawyer’s expertise and enhance his or her profile with target clientele. The book is also useful for small and midsize law firms, from at least 10 lawyers up to as many as 100.

Topics include:

• Designing a strategy to guide publishing efforts and integrate them with business development and branding plans

• Choosing the best platforms for content, including blogs, newsletters and more

• Distributing content through a variety of channels, from magazines and other old media to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other new media

• Creating a publishing culture within a firm that motivates participation and contributions to the publishing strategy

• Measuring the effectiveness of a firm’s publishing efforts, including the best metrics and tools to gauge the return on your investments

Matthews is president and founder of Stem Legal Web Enterprises, a web development, publishing and strategy company for the legal profession. Throughout nearly 20 years working within the online legal environment (including 12 years inside law firms), Steve has conceived, managed, coded and marketed law firm websites, blogs, intranets, portals and extranets. In particular, he is recognized as one of the leading authorities on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for lawyers and law firms. Furlong is a lawyer, consultant and legal industry analyst based in Ottawa, Canada. As a senior consultant with legal web development company Stem Legal Web Enterprises, he advises lawyers and law firms on content marketing, assists with content creation, and consults regarding the establishment and execution of publishing strategies.